Learn How To Cancel Your TV Licence Legally.

Thinking about stopping paying for a TV Licence?
Here you can find out how to do it properly and legally.

What Can I Watch Without A TV Licence

People think you can’t watch anything without a licence, they are wrong! You can watch 99% of the TV you watch already. Find out more here

Common Questions About Cancelling TV Licence

If you are thinking of cancelling you will probably have some questions. We answer the most common ones right here for you.

Why Do I Need A TV Licencecancel your tv licence

There is only 2 reasons you will need a telly licence.

-You watch BBC content

-You watch live TV

But don’t panic about the live TV part. Did you know that all the main channels have catchup services that let you watch what you want, when you want without needing a TV licence!

That’s right, you can watch anything from ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, nearly all Sky TV channels and more. You can watch these whenever you like, so no waiting until Thursday at 9pm for your show to be on. Enjoy as much as you want and you wont need a TV Licence. How cool is that!

But Isn’t It Illegal To Stop Paying The TV Licencedo i need a tv licence

Nope. You don’t need a licence and can watch TV perfectly legally without one

So many people think that if you own a TV you must have a licence by law. This is not true!

You can have all the TV’s you like and not need a licence. The only rules are that you cannot watch or record TV as it’s being broadcast and you can’t use BBC iPlayer. Other than that you can watch pretty much everything you normally watch. Just by switching to catchup services.

It Must Be Complicated To Cancel It Though RightStop Paying The TV Licence

It’s Properly Easy. As Easy As Filling In an Online Form.

You must know how to work the internet, you found this website didn’t you. Well that’s how easy it is to cancel your TV Licence. Follow the link to the official TV licence site, complete the form, hey presto, you are now licence free.

If you pay in advance for your licence, you might want to give them a call to cancel and see if you can get a refund, they are usually pretty happy to process one.